Quality of Life in Delray Beach

delraybeachThere’s a reason Delray Beach is rated as one of the best places to live. Delray Beach is an amalgam of all of the great things about the most popular places to live in Florida. It has the gorgeous sunny weather, the white sandy beaches, a unique art presence, restaurants that would please any foodie, and eclectic boutiques. The heart of Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue, serves as the hub of the city, where at night it comes alive with music, and by day bikers, swimmers, and joggers can be seen frequenting the coastline.

Nicknamed Village by the Sea, outdoor cafes line the streets, and even residents’ canine friends find solace in Delray, with water bowl sitting outside of most of the cafes.

Delray Beach is even more than what’s apparent on the surface. Those who live in Delray Beach are diverse, as there’s something in Delray for everyone, no matter what the age, stage of life, or interests.

The beaches that line Delray Beach have been rated some of the best beaches, and are Blue Wave certified clean. You can rest assured that when you step onto the sand, it’s some of the cleanest sand across the country, with blue, clear water.

The coldest temperatures Delray Beach sees is in the 60s in December, and the rest of the year sees climbing temperatures up to the 80s. Rain showers are fleeting, providing a passing cool down from the warm and sunny weather. Delray Beach rarely ever sees hurricanes, so this is a huge plus and a distinct difference from other towns in Florida.

Delray even has some of the best healthcare in the country. Delray Medical Center made the list of America’s 50 Best Hospitals, and they specialize in a number of fields including cardiovascular care, strokes, hospice, orthopedics, surgery, urology, and even a nationally recognized heart center.

If you’re looking for a home in Delray Beach, there are a unique number of options. There are homes and condos in all price ranges for all sorts of tastes. Most homes average around $200,000, and vary depending on location. Homes on the beach would be the most expensive, while condos and townhomes a few blocks from Atlantic Avenue would see lower costs. There are even licing spaces available above popular cafes and boutiques. Another great benefit is that there is no state income tax, and the overall cost of living is lower than most other states in the US.