Cool Places to Live in Delray Beach

pineapplegroveThere are so many options for beautiful places to live in Florida, and Delray Beach is often a hidden gem that can be a versatile place to live for those with varying interests and even in different walks of life. Called the Village by the Sea, Delray Beach and its 60,500 residents all have different reasons why they love the place they like to call home.

Stunning beach views on the Atlantic, a rich and vibrant nightlife, an adventurous day life, and unique shops and restaurants offer something that everyone will enjoy. You’ll even see lots of people biking and walking around the town, as a car isn’t the first mode of transportation used when living in Delray Beach.

The weather is just shy of tropical, as varying degrees of rainfall come and go quickly and serve as a way to cool off from the warm and sunny weather. If you’re already convinced and wondering where are the best places to live, then here are just a few of the highly frequented and loved places for anyone.

Just five blocks from the epicenter of Delray, Atlantic Avenue, Latitude condominiums and townhomes offer amenities and a mere mile and a half distance from the ocean. A favorite for those looking to retire, Latitude isn’t the closest place to live, but for those who are active, it can serve as an invigorating walk or bike ride into town.

If you’re not shy about spending a pretty penny on your next home, then you won’t mind spending the money on waterfront estates and old 1950’s bungalows on the water. Intracoastal condos are tucked into the sides of Atlantic Avenue, and can be beneficial if you want to be as close to the action as possible. A popular spot, the Venetian Village, is south of Atlantic Avenue and is an older condo building close to the heart of Delray Beach.

If you prefer a younger and artsy scene, then Pineapple Grove might be for you. Lined by its recognizable wall murals, the neighborhood offers two and three bedroom condos and townhomes next to and above hip restaurants and popular boutiques.

Close by, Banker’s Row offers an eclectic mix of architectural styles and colors, and includes anything from mansions to cottages.

Lake Ida, 10 blocks north of the hub of the city, is a sort of beachy suburb, is a highly coveted neighborhood with lakefront homes and cul-de-sacs.