The Delray Beach Experience


Amazing restaurants that never get boring, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant downtown are just a few of the things that make living in Delray Beach so wonderful.

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Delray Beach is known as the Village by the Sea, and for good reason. On the Atlantic Ocean, Delray Beach walks the line between cozy, friendly town and exciting city. Atlantic Avenue serves as the nucleus to this vibrant beach town, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy local shops, cute cafes, and the always beautiful, warm weather.

What makes Delray different than the other beach towns in Florida? One of the main reasons is the decades old prevention of high rises along the oceanfront, making the views still just as spectacular as they were before we began building on the land. The town is structured in a way that keeps business on Atlantic Avenue flowing in the middle of a lively downtown with beautiful beaches acting as the frame to this photogenic city.

Another advantage of living in Delray is that it is primarily a walking town. Everything you could want is close enough to walk, so you can enjoy everything the city has to offer in a matter of minutes, while enjoying a scenic walk. You have the ability to strap on your beach chair and spend a day at the beach, or walk along the shops and boutiques, or even go for a bike ride along the coast line.

Although Delray wasn’t completely unscathed by the impact on the economy a few years ago, the rate of foreclosure is lower than any other town or city in Florida. Slowly but surely, more and more buyers have been making their way back to Delray to begin purchasing homes again, making the Delray economy climb back up. Young professionals and an attractive rental market is to thank for Delray’s economy and housing market to be dynamic.

Delray boasts an exciting life for anyone who lives there, no matter what your interests are. The Intracoastal Waterway between the beach and mainland serve as a hub for walking, biking, and beach sports, while the mainland lights up at night and is breezy and bright during the day.

Those who are looking to retire often choose Delray over other spots in Florida thanks to the unique position on the coast and various activities, both adventurous and relaxing.